OK these 2 are confusing me.... Your thoughts...


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
So I have 3 chicks I am trying to figure out if they are Roos or not.. They are 13-14 weeks old!!!

This is my red boy - I know for sure hes all boy...

Now this is my little Black EE mix.. No Red, No Spurs, and saddle feathers appear to be curved - but dang that tail looks boyish...

And this is my white EE mix chick.. Im praying it was a hen, but Im thinking boy.. Just b/c of the red comb.. Other than that no spurs and saddle feathers appear to be curved. Also he/shes tail looks like a hens, no "rooish" feathers like the red above!!!

White is a definite boy. Girls don't get that red color on their wings, and the combs wouldn't be as developed or as red. The black EE looks like a girl to me.
I have also heard that three row pea combs are very typical of boys
First one looks like a roo, second, Im going with pullet for now, and third I say roo.
Well the white boy is lucky hes cute b/c I swore I wouldn't keep a Roo, but I think he will be staying...lol And his comb has been red since he was like 2 weeks old.. Also that is so cool about the red on his wings being an indicator, learn something new everyday!! Thanks
My (not so) vast experience has led me to not make a call until it either lays an egg, or crows. Or does both, then you're super lucky!

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