ok to feed twice a day?


14 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona
I'm having a problem with wild birds eating my feed. I have aviary netting over the top of my chicken yard and fencing but they still are getting through it. I don't mind a few, but I'm talking about hundreds! So I'm offering feed in the morning for 1 1/2 hrs and evening for 2 hours - is that ok? It is 110 in the day here, I heard it is better to ease up on feed anyway in extreme temps, true? I have 8 free range chickens in a 25ft X 20ft area. Thanks!
I like to keep food available at all times, but I keep it in the coop- is that an option? I think it is healthier for chickens to eat free-choice...
Patty N. ;-)
They'll lot you know when they're hungry, ours were in their playyard yesterday, we could hear them chirpping from inside the house! They were ready to eat! And of course even though they had breakfast, free ranged all day in their area, and had been given snacks by the kids... they still behaved like they haven't been fed for days!I think it was like 6pm! poor babies! (they're ROTTEN!)
I provide food and water both inside and out. I give them access 24/7. How are they getting through the netting? Are there any holes in it? Are they just small birds getting in? I prefer to give them food/water all them time but I wouldn't want the wild birds eating all my food either! That would make me cranky -
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