ok to move their nest box?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by TurtleChick, Nov 10, 2008.

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    our girls lay very nicely in their nest box right now... (every once in awhile i get an egg on the floor - must be some poor girl who can't wait for her turn!). i'm thinking of redesigning the inside of the coop, though - right now they can roost on top of their nest box and it's a headache: all trying to roost up there at the same time - much scuffling and mumbling at bedtime, poop sandwiched on top of it that needs to be scraped off all the time, poop managing to fall down cracks and land in the nest box itself, top of nest box is too close to ventilation height and makes me a little worried about drafts for those sleeping up there overwinter, etc.

    so. if i build a nest box in a different area, will they use it??? what's the best way to switch nest boxes? put the new one in and allow some transition time? put the new one in and do away with the old one right away?
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    I am sure you know that chickens don't like change, BUT after a couple of egg less weeks they will adjust and go back to normal once they feel the coop is theirs again.
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    It may take them a couple days of adjusting but it will be fine. Good luck!!

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