ok to run around on their own?

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  1. Ok, so my three little Huey, Duey, and Louise are now four weeks old today!!!!!! (Pekins). I moved them out to my chicken tajmahal las week with heat lamp on at nights. During the days, i let them out on their own when i am home. They stay right around my hen houses and the chicken pen. I am not comfortable leaving them in with my girls and roo yet. they werent to fond of the ducks, and the ducks can not defend them selves yet. It is getting to be around 70 degrees this week, I would like to let them out in the morning before I go to work and let them have at it. are they to young yet to do this? My DH is in and out all day, so they are not totally alone so to speak. When they were out with me they just hung around the garage, their coop, the garden, etc. Never would go farther then about 50 feet away. I live in the country, no neighbors with dogs, open area, etc.

    Should I wait a few weeks yet?

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    Our two are about a week older, but doing fine outside by thier selves.
  3. oh oh ohhhh!! that's what i wanted to hear. I would never let the chicks do that, but my ducks seem so much more mature at the same age. almost like little people.
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    If it were me, I would wait until they were a little older. That's just me, though.
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    I have six Muscovy ducklings that are almost 6 weeks old, I don't let them run around without me right there with them. Today I partitioned off half of my grown ducks' pen and set the babies up in there. The pen is covered and secure. Babies are not able to flee from Hawks and are just the right size for a nice meal. I've never let my ducks free range until they were at least 4 months old.

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    You might to read the Predator section first. If you have a perimeter 4 foot fence, maybe. I lost full grown geese to Raccoons. Daytime predators-country-Hawks could take them, eagles, vultures if hungry. Foxes, coyotes, bobcats, feral cats. Ducks this young usually have Parents to watch over them.....
  7. well here's what I did. My DH was home all day and he left the coop door open for them. (they are not in the pen with my chickens yet) they came down the ramp on their own, nibbled grass, slept in the sun, pooped, ate, pooped more, ate more... and never left a 4 foot radius of the coop! he kept an eye on them, but they were fine. I came home and they stayed out the rest of the day with me and did great!

    next day did the same thing and they wanted inside the pen area. OK, big sigh, and let them in. they are scared of my chickens, but the chickend are finally used to the ducks. They ignore each other when they are all free roaming. i bit my nails all day at work waiting for DH to call and say we had dead ducks. but they did just fine all together.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    So now my pen is complete! both are enjoying each other so to speak. [​IMG]

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