Ok Wife thinks I have gone completey batty!!!!


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
Graham Wa.
After planning everything I finally told the wife what I was up to... On building a coop and getting some chickens. She said I am completly on my own on this one
... Oh and no Roosters!!! Cannot have em anyways because of covenants but hey with that answer Roos are out.....

Anyways her first question was who feeds em and gets the eggs when we go on vacations....I um did not have a great answer for that one, any help????
Our next door neighbor stops in once in the morning to let them out of the coop and into the run, and once in the evening to lock them back up into the coop again. Food and water are left full in the coop all the time.
Who needs a vacation, you will have entertainment right in your own backyard!!!! Neighbors are a great help or one of the 4-H or FFA kids in your area are always looking to make an extra buck for going to an event.
I will be surprised if she does NOT get involved.

You can't help it.. they win you over!

Yeah, neighbors will usually help with the feeding and the egg gathering. Collecting eggs is SO COOL! Especially if you have not got chickens.
Hmm do have a handy man that does yard work for me probably can get him to check on chickens. Oh and the part where my wife would get involved. NEVER HAPPEN LOL..She is so not a animal person!!! Although she does love my Macaw Parrot....

Hey on my RV vacations wonder if the wife would allow the chickens to come along after all we take the parrot with us... AHAHAHAHAHA....I crack myself up.

Ok don't get me wrong my wife is great she agreed to move to the country...which was hard for her. We did move in a development with covenants so everything has to be a certain way, including my chickens lol...Oh and the grandkids are getting older so I have two grandsons all ready excited to muck out the coop....boy I remember that as a kid YUCK
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LOL evil confession time here. I hope to get my chickens before the summer so I can use them as a reason not to go to CA on vacation. I could name a list of things I would rather spend money and time on. I don't hate vacations, I just don't want to go to CA.
I agree. She will totally end up involved. Even if she sneaks and does it behind your back. LOL!

You can't help but love these critters....My ideal vacation would be sitting back at the barn all day!!
I always thought the best chicken was one I was eating. Hated them (had a bad experience as a child)...right up until my son suggested raising them! We now have (in 6 weeks) gotten 56 chickens, 6 guineas and 2 ducks and I absolutely love every one of them! Don't give up hope, she will come around!

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