Okay, I'm Stumped On Brooder Box

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I built a brooder box 2' wide, 2' high, 4' long. We are going to get 15 chicks next week. How long will this box work? What then to keep them warm? Nobody has a brooder box the size of a coop, so can I let them into the cold coop before they are fully feathered out so long as I keep a heat lamp in one corner?

    And when it comes to water and feed for them, about how much water will they drink in a day the first week, second, third etc.? Gotta find a way to keep them healthy and the confined space of the brooder box won't allow for much in the way of food and water.

    Here's a pic of the brooder box:
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    Mar 19, 2009
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    that box will work for a few weeks.
    yes, you can put them in the coop, as long as you keep the heat lamp in for them (ALWAYS use a thermometer at chick level to test BEFORE), you just need to make sure there are no drafts. (no breezes!)

    i had my little flock in a huge shipping crate for awhile when i built their coop.......
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    You should be ok for a little while. At least till they feather out. I would put in couple of perches. Little chicks love to fly up and sit and then jump down again.

    Where you have your light right now is too high. You will have to put it in the brooder box so the chicks can get under the heat that it puts out.

    I have to say, it sure is a nice set up. Did you look at all the brooder boxes that other have made? Check out the coop section and you will find brooder boxes there among other stuff. Have fun with your chicks.
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    15 chicks will outgrow your brooder pretty quickly. But here's the thing. 99% of this stuff is learning by observation and experience. See how it goes. You've made a nice starter brooder and it'll get the job done for a few weeks for certain.

    Sure, if you find they are crowded and picking and boredom sets in, you can always take them out to the coop, string a long exterior extension cord, and finish them off out there. That's not a bad thing.

    As for the waterer, you can use the smaller sizes. Half gallon water fountain and 16" feed tray or half gallon jar kind of feeder. If you refill morning and night, those smaller units will do well. By the time they outgrow those smaller feeder/waterers, it'll be time to get them out of the box anyhow.

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