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I got 16 chicks that are about a week old. I would love to start giving them treats, like crushed up oatmeal and maybe grapes, maybe even some little peas? Anyways, we are having company for spring break, they are coming next Thursday. We thought about putting them in the big coop with my 3 other laying older hens. My dad told me he was going to put the babies in a BIG cardboard box, and half up the big coop with some chicken wire, so the older ones won't mess with the baby, and plus so the babies can get used to running around in their coop.. Thanks! Hopefully I will get some pictures up! Thanks!
Are you asking if it's ok to put week old babies outside? How cold is it.. They really should be more feathered than that and you'll need to be carefull. Established chickens don't like babies that are not theirs..
OK, If I am way off base.. can you clue me in a little better?
Thanks so much
Okay, I'm asking.. When can I give chicks treats? Like grapes, leftover warm peas, and maybe crushed dry oatmeal? And @bluere11e you answered my question. I just wasn't making myself clear, sorry.
When can I give chicks treats?
Now. Give them soft things though.
oatmeal & watermelon are a favorite for mine.

The coop idea sounds ok, but give them more time. A one week old

chick still needs to be under a lamp. They should be completely feathered to

go outside. However, if it's warm, mine usually go out at 3-4 weeks.
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