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    I loaded up one incubator with duck eggs and had one left, so I slipped it in the other incubator that I was saving for chicken eggs, thinking when I candled after the first week I would have room for it in the other incubator because I would probably have some duck eggs that weren't fertile. The incubator with duck eggs seemed to be working. The digital reading was perfect 99.5 and humidity 55. After 1 week I candled the eggs and had lots of blood spots, blood rings and no good eggs.... so I stuck a thermometer in there and could see it was only 90 degrees instead of the 99.5 displayed digitally. I threw away all of the duck eggs and am sending the incubator back to the company. The chicken eggs arrived and I put them in the good incubator which has one little duck egg developing on schedule. I could see the veins and little heart, so I just had to leave it in there. Tomorrow I am getting another incubator to put new duck eggs in. I will put them in on Saturday. So I have one incubator with 15 chicken eggs started today, Thursday, and I will start an incubator full of duck eggs on Saturday. My problem is this little egg started two weeks ago this coming Monday that is way off schedule of everything else. My plan is to leave it in with the other duck eggs and then who knows what to do when it is time for "lock-down" for my single little duck egg. I thought about trying to make a little homemade incubator to try to hatch it in when it is time for lock-down. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I think there must have been a simpler way to say all of this.

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