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    Took DH's old Shi tuz (sp) to the vet she was having some hip pain. Maddi is 11 and been having health trouble this year. Had vet check her teeth has lost a few already will be doing some teeth pulling after the weather cools off. Got an itchy shot so she will stop licking herself vet also said it will help with the hip pain. Then it was time to check her hinny, and she had inpacted glands, YUCK [​IMG]. That it is sooo gross. Then I asked about her eyes being so cloudy and she checked and said Maddi has cadiracts most likely has total night blindness and not to much day vision left. My poor DH doesn't know what to think. Maddi is his first dog that is truly his dog. She hates me and will run across the room to bite me. She has drawn blood more times than I can count. She does love me when DH is not around. I feel so bad for the both of them. If Maddi is any thing like DH she will be around for ever
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    Aww, cute baby.

    It's hard to watch them age, isn't it?
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    Aww, poor little baby. [​IMG]
    Shes adorable. Give hubby a hug..cause its a hard thing coming up.

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