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Mar 19, 2012
New Hampshire

I went to the local feed store to get a bucket for the dog yard and a poop bin.... I came home with a water bucket, a poop bin, and 8 old english game bantam chicks.A friend of mine manages the store and someone had ordered these chicks and then cancelled their order (chicks had already been paid for) so my friend gave them to me.

I currently have a small flock of 7 buff orpingtons, 3 barred rocks, and 3 month old polish chicks still in their baby bin. Now I also have these new babies and I know nothing about them or the breed. I could use some insight from those who are more experienced with the breed. Is there anything I need to know about these guys... are they aggressive, noisy, my friend didn't think I would have a problem with them but I want to be prepared... I have no ideas what colors they are ... right now two are yellow, two are brown and 3 are black and one is black with a little white on it... but other than that ... I know nothing...

oh speak to me please chicken gurus
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I would never be considered a guru. That's for sure.
However I have had 3 OEGB. I currently have one pullet. They are SMALL for sure and lay small eggs. All of my OEGB have been stand offish and a little skitish. I have been able to get one to eat out of my hand regularly, but the slightest movement make them jump and run. I have seen no aggression in any of mine. They don't eat very much and prefer to forage for almost all their food. Seriously, they never eat my chicken feed. It is amazing how little care they need as well. A good coop and they can free range for 80% of what they need. Just making up a percentage there. Even though the smallest of your flock, likely they will not be on the bottom or top of the pecking order from what I have experienced. Somewhere in the middle. Mine have all been extremely quiet. All my OEGB have had the chipmunk stripe. So I'm not sure what colors you'll get.

Wish you the best.
thank you so much for you input. I am happy with any chickens I just am endlessly amused by my chickens. I got talked into these guys and can give them a good home... I love my low key orpingtons but I have these guys now and just want to make sure I give them what they need
thank you so much
I have two :D they are very sweet and easy to handle, both of mine are very docile and good broody hens.
Your white colored babies look like they might be Red Pyle and the light brown chipmunk strip are Silver Duckwing and the black ones look like they might be Brown Red :)

Here is a link to some Bantams, it helped me figure out what mine were - http://www.cacklehatchery.com/oegbantams.htm

Hope this helps, and good luck with your babies :D
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