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Apr 14, 2014
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So I bought a straight run of what the breeder called "game chickens" ive done a little web research and I think they are old english game. They are now about 5 to 6 weeks old and I was wondering what I could look at to sex them other that leg size? I want laying hens(I was looking for RIR but no one had any), and from what ive read OEG dont make good layers. Any one have input? I can take pics. I'm new to chickens and I know I did some things wrong but I'd like any input from people who have had OEG.
Also I have dogs so I cant let them forage outside of the pen I have built. I intend to build a bigger fence for them. Will they fly over a 4 foot fence?

I have 4 that look like this one. The breeder had 3 different breeds in one pen and I think these are a different breed. Smaller body and way smaller comb than the rest. Next pic will be this bird as well
I got a pair of self blue oegb. The hen lays only every other day and sometimes takes two days off. So they sort of suck as layers.But I keep them since my twelve year old daughter bought them with her money. I found when it comes to bantams that d'uccle lay a bit better. I had one , she would lay two days in a row, take a day off,...

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