Old Lady, Gleet, and more?


Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
Doing mite bathing two days ago I discovered one of the 5 year old hens appears to have vent gleet.

I've never treated this sort of thing before.
Google and blogs keep telling me to take her to a vet.
As an unspoken rule on the homestead, no chicken sees a vet.

Pebbles just informed me "Dot is pooping blood."
Pebbles is too young to actually assess blood in poop, just knows to tell me about it.
I will check on that when I head out for chores.

I did see ACV added to water mentioned for prevention. We did do that a lot, but I guess we'vebeen slacking. I'll get a new jug out to the barn and make sure it's used.

I'm conflicted.
She's 5, hasn't laid in months (very distinct eggshell), and now is ill
How hard is this to treat? How expensive?
I'm weighing morality with practicality here.
Practical in my eyes is to relieve her of her worldly body. Morally I'm torn 50/50.

Sorry it's a sticky question.
Can this easily be treated without lots of money?
Can you post a picture of her cleaned up vent area? Does she have a bad odor? Can you get some antifungal cream such as Nustock in the horse section of the feed store, or Monistat 7 from WalMart, or clotrimazole from the Dollar Tree? I would try feeding a small amount of cottage cheese every other day, and alternating with a spoonful of plain yogurt in her food. In severe cases uou can use Fish Zole (metronidazole) ordered inline for fish. Those have good probiotic cultures.
Here is some reading:



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Soak her daily in warm Epsom salts or Betadine, and cleanse her vent area toward the end of the soak when the skin is softened. Nustock cream is very good to apply for fungus, mites and lice, and wounds. Look in your horse supplies at most feed stores or online.


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