Old Style Siamese/Balinese Kittens

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    These stunning kittens will be ready to go home at 12 weeks of age, these two litters have been raised 100% underfoot and their temperaments are sweet and docile and their type is excellent. We have 4 kittens available, 1 Blue pointed male Siamese, 1 Lilac pointed male balinese, one seal pointed balinese, and one blue pointed balinese. Balinese is synonymous with long haired siamese and is a naturally occurring recessive trait of the siamese the balinese coat is a medium length and tends to shed less and cause fewer allergic reactions than that the shorter haired siamese. Kittens will be vaccinated and wormed at 9 and 12 weeks of age with pyrantel and Merial Purevax and will be available to go home shortly after their final vaccination.

    Blue Pt. Male Siamese: $800
    this kitten has good eye color however although attractive his muzzle is slightly to long for the breed standard and the angle where his zygomatic arch meets the muzzle is sharper than it should be, he will likely grow to be a distinguished looking and handsome cat but his pronounced muzzle is not what we breed for

    Blue Pt. Male Bali: $1100
    Type: this kitten has deep blue eyes and a nice curvature to his face, a strong compact body and 'fluffy' medium long fur.
    No sign of strabismus and no kinked joints in the tail

    Lilac Pt. Male Bali: $800

    Face is too narrow for show and has a very 'classic' look nice coat contract and eye color but poor facial conformation for show.

    Seal Female Bali: $750
    nice curvature to the face, good eye color, on the smaller side, low coat contrast. not appropriate for breeding or show. smallish eyes but cute.

    Siamese DOB: 6-12-13
    Dam: Almost Heaven Athena of Midgard
    Sire: CH Permes Odin of Midgard

    Balinese DOB: 6-20-2013
    Dam: Mybali si Jamila of Midgard
    Sire: CH Permes Odin of Midgard

    Read more: http://boston.ebayclassifieds.com/cats-kittens/manchester/blue-point-old-style-balinese-male-cfa-tica-cff-longhaired-siamese/?ad=29323396#ixzz2cQ7XeRwj

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