old timer but newish here Hi, y'all


7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
Vanceboro, NC
HI, I am Richard or aka tick22. Been doing the chicken thing now for about 3 years. Started out with 6 biddies the missus got and slowly worked up to 23 chickens within a year. Lots of awesome sights and funny thing have happened to us since that first 6. Maybe one day I will post some. We have had very little luck with brooders, just our polish sat that first year and with no roosters, our neighbor give us 6 good eggs for her to hatch. % hatched with one hen and 4 roosters. Now that was fun as they grew up. now this year, our polish hatched 2 eggs in january which we let her raise since it was winter and all. This summer we got 7 more from her and our little red girl. The missus decided to have me build a biddie coop and ordered online 10 reds which we get tomorrow or Weds as well as found a local grower who sold us 10 more, 2 reds, 2 blacks and 5 buffs. The 10 new one are already in the biddie coop and the new ones will go into a box til later...
mmm, there I go rambling again. We are in North Carolina, Craven county, I am retired and spend most my time with the animals. 1 horse, 2 dogs, 6 cats and soon to be 42 chickens when they are grown up if we keep having the luck we have had. no losses yet. All the animals are cool with each other in fact my cats herd the chickens when ever they are free ranging, while the dogs keep all bad guys away from them and the cats. Of course the chcikens love Shorty the horse and will follow him just waiting for his poop to fall. ok, TMI. laughs.
So I gess that is it. Love this place and those home made coops and biddie cages are awesome. I may have to post the one I built....
Hi to everyone and thanks for all the great infor, you all have posted...


Sounds like you've got your hands full.
Glad you coud join us here!
Do check out the other threads and share some of your stories with us.
And please post pics of your biddie cages.

Thanks all. I figure as I get time, I will post some of the good and just plan weird stuff that has happened to us as well as the coop I built, (so far in three stages making two seperate coops) and the biddie coop.... The missus is now home, poor girl still has to work and needs me to rub her feet and hear her tales of work.. Told her 5 more years and she can join me working the DunBarr Ranch and farm... Something this Cali raised boy never thought I would ever know or have.... Countrty life, ya got to love it!!!!.

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