Olive Egger Gender


5 Years
Jul 1, 2014
This is our hatchery bought 9 week old "female" Olive Egger. The hatchery claims that it is some combination of Legbar, Maran, or Ameraucana. Any thoughts on the gender? Thanks in advance!
Can I ask, which hatchery is selling "olive eggers" as a breed? Just curious.

For 9 weeks, the comb is awfully red....I would wonder if it's a cockerel rather than a pullet. Can you detect saddle feathers yet?
Meyer Hatchery offers "Olive Eggers" as one of their new projects for 2014. The chicks come from one of two breeding programs (Legbar, Maran, Ameraucana). You have to specifically search for "Olive Eggers" in their website search bar to find them.

No, we can not see saddle feathers yet. The large red comb and very early chick behavior made us think it was a cockerel, but the older it gets the less "male" it acts. He/She also physically resembles the Maran hens that the hatchery sells, so that had us questioning the gender as well.
X2, that is a lot of comb/wattle for a nine week old chick, would vote cockerel right now also.

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