Olive Egger Questions - Color of inside the shell, White or Blue

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  1. sma200

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    Oct 11, 2015
    I spent 2 hours combing through the olive Egger Thread that has over 9k responses and 900 PAGES and I couldn't find answers to my questions. It's all a little confusing to me. (Here is the link I searched through.... https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/131131/the-olive-egger-thread)

    I currently have a flock with
    Easter Egger hens (I think they are EE and not Americaunas)
    Black Copper Marans Hens
    Welsummer hens
    Black Copper marans rooster
    Easter Egger Rooster

    Some of my EE's lay light blue and the inside of the shell is blue. Some of them lay green, and the inside of the shell is white.

    Would I most likely produce a OE from the light blue shelled eggs since the inside of the shell is also blue? Are there chances that the green shelled EE will also produce a OE?

    Can the Welsummer and BCM produce a OE from the EE rooster?

    My flock is mixed together right now, so I know the possibility of full BCM, as well as more EE is very possible. I am working on cleaning out a breeding pen and will have it ready in a few weeks and can separate the breeds that I want to be together to have a higher chance at getting OE. But after reading on the thread as much as I did, Im curious if a EE can even produce a OE. I do have baby blue isbar, as well as baby Cream legbars, but I wont be able to breed them till next Spring.

    Thank you for your help ;)
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    Nov 30, 2013
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    All green eggs should be clue on the inside, the blue coloring is all through the shell. I can't fathom the genotype of a bird that lays green eggs and the inside is white. I've heard that a single copy of the blue egg gene makes a less saturated blue color, maybe on the inside it also appears white.

    I was going to say that all OE eggs are blue on the inside, but since every OE is "technically" and EE and you have one that lays eggs that are not blue on the inside, I would say there is a high probability that any OE cross you make will be the same.
  3. sma200

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    Oct 11, 2015
    Oh!! You are right. Thank you. I needed to bake a cake, so I only used my green and blue eggs. The green eggs appear white on the inside, but the membrane on it is so thick that the color of the shell doesn't actually come through. When I peeled back the membrane, the inside of the shell is green.

    So Im assuming it is likely that I will end up with some olive eggers from these green layers if they mate with my BCM rooster.

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