Olive Egger??

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    We've just gotten our first olive eggs in the last week. Now, who are they coming from?? There are two Americaunas in that coop, but the only one I've seen in the box is a bantam Cochin. Definitely seen the cream/brownish Cochin egg. This is a REAL dark olive egg, not much bigger than the bantam Cochin's. Will the Americaunas lay that color? They both came from blue eggs....

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    I don't have experience with olive egg layers yet but if they just started laying the egg colors and sizes could be different then they will ultimately end up looking like. But I would expect them to be close to the color they hatched out of.
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    One of my Ameracaunas (EE) has just started laying. She has given us 5 eggs in 7 days all of which are large and olive colored. The last egg #6 we received was light olive with large blue splotches. I had to find a jumbo carton for that one. The lid of the large egg carton would not close. [​IMG] Not sure if it was the same hen or not, but I managed to catch and tag her after consoling the poor little girl. She is so small and that egg was so big. [​IMG]

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