omega 3 eggs?

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    I was studying about chickens as we are about a week away from getting our flock. One thing I read was if you feed your chickens flax seed, fish oil and or marine micro algae that the eggs will be omega 3 eggs like you get in the store for 5.00 plus per carton. Is this right? How much can I give them? I don't want to make the chickens sick. If I can make the eggs even better for my families health great! Also is it better to feed a corn based food over wheat? [​IMG]
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    Those ingredients increase the amount of Omega 3 in the eggs, yes. Eggs pretty much all have some Omega 3s, but the amount (and its worth) vary.

    I'm not sure if there's a certain amount of each ingredient you should feed, or if it's fine to let them have it free choice. But I do know that Purina Mills sells an Omega 3 Layena layer pellet with those ingredients added, and last I saw it was the same price as their regular Layena layer pellets.

    As far as corn vs. wheat, the best option would be whatever is non GMO (genetically modified). Sorry I'm not much help on that. [​IMG]
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    From what I've read there is no official dietary recommendation on omega 3's Also that the type of omega 3 from fish/fish oil is the beneficial type while the omega 3 from flaxseed and other plant sources is much less beneficial, if at all. There's also some belief out there that the egg industry decided to hype the omega 3 as a way to counter the negative cholesterol rap on eggs.

    My thought... something is bound to kill me one of these days but I'm thinking it won't be a lack of omega 3 in my diet. I just feed Purina Layena, mix in some greens and scratch now and then, and call it good.

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