Omelet brand portable chicken netting or alternative?

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    Dec 27, 2013
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    I have a large yard with an 8 foot wooden privacy fence, so my city hens are able to safely free range in the backyard when they aren't in their chicken barn.

    However, for several reasons, I do need some kind of easy to assemble fenced/run set up to contain the hens when needed. For starters, our city ordinance requires a "run" in addition to a "coop," even though I already have a perfectly safe, high, wooden fence. Also, I do want go be able to keep the chickens out of my raised veggie beds

    So I am looking at the Omelet portable chicken netting package. I am fully aware that netting like this is designed to keep my hens *inside* the areas where I set it up rather than being designed to in any way keep predators out.

    So I have some questions for any of you who have tried Omelet's portable chicken fencing set-up. Is it easy to set up? Will it work on a sloped yard? Does it stay in place once you've got it where you want it? How do the poles stay upright? Do they have to be hammered into the ground each time you want to move its location? Does it look super messy and "makeshift" in your yard. Will it safely contain smaller bantams like Silkies, or larger breed pullets who aren't yet grown to full size yet, or will it only contain a larger chicken?

    Also, are there other, similar brands of portable fencing packages that I should look at? What are they? I definitely want something that comes with all necessary pieces and works pretty much right out of the no . I don't want to install any permanent fence posts or panels with real wire fencing. I just want something simple and versatile to use around our fenced yard on an as-needed basis.

    Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on the Omelet product or others like it.


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