OMG! Eggs at 16 weeks!!

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    Hi everyone, been reading the forums for a while now and have learned alot, so thanks for all the info [​IMG]

    I have 6 RIR, got them when they were a week old and on Monday they turned 16 weeks. I walked outside yesterday and there was AN EGG! [​IMG] Today...there were 2 MORE eggs! One was small and had soft areas but the other 2 (1 from yesterday and 1 from today) were very hard and medium sized.

    My questions are:

    have you EVER heard of a chicken laying this early?

    they were eating a mixture (3/4 pellet grower and 1/4 crumbles medicated start & grow) up until yesterday (for about the past 3 weeks, before that it was all start n grow), so I switched them today to all pellet. I was told to mix it gradually to get them accustomed to non-medicated feed, so we did that and they were about to go off of medicated in the next 2 weeks since we knew they'd be laying in the next 4-6. Uh -oh, they layed WAY early! LOL It is Amp. based medicated from Southern States, no animal proteins either, but we arent going to eat the eggs...not yet. Also eating veggies from our garden, and some fruits.

    How soon can you eat the eggs after they've been on medicated feed? I know some say you can eat the eggs if its Amp. medicated feed (we'd rather not)... so how soon after they're off medicated?

    Do I switch them to a layer now or keep them on the 2nd stage feed (whatever the next one up from Start n Grow is?)

    Does it hurt the bird to lay this early?

    I'm so excited, but at the same time, I'm scared that they're laying so early. I called the extension office and they said they'd never heard of a RIR laying this early?? I dont know..but I know they are 16 weeks and I've raised them from babies [​IMG] My "girls" are so funny and we love them alot.

    Also - they keep looking for the eggs - should we leave them in the pen for a bit so they can get used to them or something? We opened the nesting boxes, but they dont want to go in them (we put fake eggs in them but they seem scared of them) and they keep laying on the ground.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Quote:I just had an orpington lay that early. It is possible. It can be caused by high protein in the diet or just one of those things that happens.

    Quote:They are safe to eat now.

    Quote:Mix in whatever starter/grower you have with layer feed. Once the starter is used up you can give them just the layer feed. You might want to offer free choice oyster shell too.

    Quote:Some say it is due to too much protein and they grow up too fast. Some production layers just lay early. It is not normal but it isn't unheard of either.

    Quote:Collect your eggs as often as possible. Eggs get broken easily. Broken eggs are a delight to chickens once they start eating them. That leads to them breaking eggs intentionally to eat. Don't create problems for yourself. Never leave eggs in the nests.

    Congrats on your eggs and good luck with your pullets.
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    My mixed bantams started laying at 4 months also. Some breeds just start at that age.
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    Wow. Our lpullets are a bit over 16 weeks and haven't layed yet! Congrats!

    Our hens started laying about... let's see... 20-25 weeks, I think. You're lucky!
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    Thank you both for the replies I appreciate it.

    I'm so excited [​IMG]
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