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    May 14, 2010
    My wedding ring went missing 1 year ago this past halloween.It has been gone over a year.I knew where I had laid it down,I was working on some deer meat and had to wash my hands so I laid on the shelf behind the sink.Next morning I went to get it and it was gone.At the time we were over run with house mice.I was catching 3-4 a night on glue boards.So....I got to thinking...reckon a mouse got my ring and took it to his nest?The reason I thought this was,my rings had a piece of band-aid on it,because they got loose when it was cold and that was probably deer meat flavored.LOL.Well,then I decided I was going to try an experiment.And oh yea I got really,really laughed at.Anyhoo,I took a trinket ring,wrapped a band-aid on it and rubbed it on some meat.I then tied a string to it and the shelf and left it laying there.4 days later I caught a mouse trying to leave with it.Ha...I told ya a mouse got my rings.Well then I looked and looked and finally decided they had took it under the house and probably down a mouse hole.Gone forever.It just about broke my heart,this was my promise ring my husband gave me when we were 16,a 1 carat cz in a yellow gold setting and my gold wedding band.The carat cz I won in a contest and hubby had it set in a gold ring several years ago and the wedding band was the one he placed on my finger when we were married.Well we were eating supper this evening and my youngest son was trying to figure out where his soldering iron was.I told him I hadn't saw it in awhile.So he decides to go look in some boxes of his stuff he had cleaned out of his room a few months ago and put out in the storage shed.He comes back in and we're still sitting at the table and he says "I must be the greatest finder ever."I'm like yep,I see you found what you were looking for and he says and guess what else?I'm thinking I don't have a clue and he says hold out your hand and he drops my rings in my hand.Oh my goodness!!!!!!I couldn't beleive it.I start crying and can't even speak.He said it was in the bottom of one of his boxes.I don't know how or when it could have got in there.I'm still thinking that mouse left it there.I've always thought he was a good kid,now I know he's the greatest.[​IMG]I know my ole rings are not worth much money wise.But I'll never forget what a friend told me once about it.She had said something about how my ring looked just like hers,she was going though a nasty divorce at the time,and I said yeah I guess and so we compare them side by side and she says yeah they are the same.I said except mines not a real diamond.She starts laughing and says well ain't that something you got a real, priceless marriage and a fake ring and I got a real $6000 ring and a fake worthless marriage.:rolleyes:She's doing great these days btw.She always has been a ray of sunshine even what times are tough.
    I'm just so happy I had to share.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I'm never taking my rings off again.[​IMG]
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    Great news! [​IMG]
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    Woo-hoo! [​IMG]
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    dang mice [​IMG] Glad you got them back! [​IMG] That's a good boy you got too [​IMG]
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    A ring doesn't have to be paid for with a fortune to mean the world to a woman.
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    I am glad you found it, finally. Its not how much its worth in monetary value but how much its worth sentimentally.

    I always say its the little things that make the world go round, and I honestly believe that.
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    [​IMG] and big [​IMG] to your son.
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    Jan 1, 2011
    [​IMG] glad for you. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] This topic just make me smile. Thankee much for sharing a little drop of your joy.

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