OMG!!! I Just Heard As Plain As Day It Chirping!!!


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I just heard the baby duckling peeping as loud as if it was outside of the egg, OMG how weird am I?? I’ve got big time tears of joy!!! God now I don't want to go to the conference! I know I'm going to miss this hatching, come on baby!!! But now I'm scared as can be that if it gets in trouble then I won't be here to help it! But oh what a beautiful sound he/she made to me!!
(happy tears)
I haven't had duck eggs to hatch yet but I do hatch out chicks every week, approx 40 a week and I know that if I help one it never seems to do as well as the others. Nature has a way of culling the ones that are not meant to be. As much as you may want to watch the hatching and hold the new baby go ahead and continue you plans and you will have an awesome time when you get back.

I can't wait until I get to hatch some duckies and they will be terribly precious, just like all my adorable chickies!

Good luck!
I guess it depends on the breed of duck...Calls frequently need help, don't know about the other breeds or what you have. If it was my first, I sure wouldn't be wanting to go to any conference either! Sounds like decision time!
I just have to let nature do what is best for it, I've already got $200 into this Wildlife Rehabitation Conference, but believe me I will be calling home and I hope it will wait until I get home tomorrow night a 6pm. Believe me as soon as that conference is dismissed I'm out of there and getting home!
I don't know if you've seen any of my photos in the thread about ducks on the lake near me. There is what I think is , at least, one rouen/runner cross there I named Chocolate. I never thought he would get his colors, but he did and he's beautiful. He's almost 5 month old now. Here's a photo of him at 3 months old, just about:


And, here he is a few weeks ago at about 18 weeks with a female alongside:


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