OMG we beat the statistics!!! :)

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    Feb 1, 2009
    New Hampshire
    I just had a 100% hatch rate with shipped eggs, and it's my first time!!! You guys all had me worried 'cause I kept reading things like, "don't use expensive eggs on your first try, especially if they are shipped," "bantam orp eggs in particular are pretty sensitive to shipping," and "you're seriously using a still air LG on those eggs???" Haha you really have no idea how relieved (and surprised) I am. I have 11 healthy, rowdy chicks! I think it has a lot to do with the guy I bought them from though; he has a good rep with both his birds and his shipping. I'll have to drop him an email to thank him for being so awesome.

    It appears that we have 1 splash, a couple blacks, and the rest are blues (pretty sure the parents are blues). It's neat because I showed full grown chicken pictures of each kind to my boyfriend before they started hatching, asking which one he preferred, and he had his heart set on a splash. So he got his wish! Here's a pic of the little guy:


    He also uploaded a couple hatching videos he recorded and edited for me since I wasn't there to actually see them. He's pretty much the greatest thing I could ask for, not only for helping me turn the eggs and monitor the temp while I was away during the week, but for spending several hours making the vids as well; I had no idea he was going to do that. I'm taking him out to a BIG dinner this weekend.

    Well, just wanted to share my success story with you guys; perhaps it will encourage and assure other first time hatchers. If anyone is interested in my specs, I was using a still air LG with the low humidity method. Temp was typically between 100 and 101, and humidity between 30% and 35%... then 55% to 65% during the hatching period. I kind of used the egg carton method but not really - what I did was place the egg cartons upside down in the bator, and place the eggs in between each crevice. This way the eggs were secure and the big end was always pointing upward. Then I flipped the cartons right side up on day 18 to prepare for hatching. One chick hatched on day 18 and the rest hatched on day 19 (they are bantam eggs so I think this is normal?). I'm about 1000 ft above sea level.
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    Apr 1, 2009
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    Hi Sarah [​IMG]
    It was nice meeting you tonight. I can't remember who you said that it was that sold you the eggs. I'm glad that you had such good luck and now I'm encouraged to give a try, myself.
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    Good job!!! What kind of chicks are they?

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    They are BBS orp banties. [​IMG]

    Cathy I sent you a PM!
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    Maybe you should name the splash baby "Wish"; 'cause your boyfriend got his wish. Or you could name him "True" because dreams really do come true. Anyway, HUGE congrats on your first hatch!! My husband has no idea what it about to hit for next year when I try my own hand at it!!!! [​IMG] hee hee hee...
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    Quote:Ilike the name pics

    and congrats on the hatch

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