Omigosh...Im SOOO bored...anyone online?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I'm a subsitute teacher who has an obsession with chickens, pheasants, quail, dogs, hhorses, goats....WHATEVER. I've been "unemployed" for a few weeks and dying for some social interaction online at the moment.

Anybody wanna banter back and forth about stuff? Whatever, really. Just something I can check often and respond to when I'm bored, like now.

What's going on in ya'lls worlds? Talk to me!
Hi there,
Not many up but us night owls.
And probably not me for much longer
lol.png Varner Lane Fancies
The most exciting thing in my life right now is that we completed our quail enclosure so I can begin breeding and raising quail for meat and eggs. I have a hen sitting on 9 eggs, 7 are EE/ D'uccle and 2 are either Dutch bantam or OEGB WITH d'Uccle. Should be super cute chicks, if any are viable.
Here it's rainy and windy.

Just let my tribe out of their coops.

What IS the black chicken in your avatar?
I'm still up for a little bit... it's getting close to midnight here. I spent all day cleaning coops and the yard, now I am enjoying the quiet time while everyone's asleep.
Haha! He was my personal genetics experiment. He is a white crested polish (daddy) crossed with a Brown Leghhorn. I loved the daddy, but his crow was obnoxious and the DH said he had to go. So I threw a few eggs under a broody hen and I got one roo and one hen. The hen is uglier than anything now, and, tho I had to give him away, Frankenstein was a crazy looking roo.
I think he looks cool - like a rockstar... lol
I just gave my silkie x old english game bantam crosses away. They had a similar look to them but with a single comb and big fluffed feet.

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