Omlet *UPDATE* Getting Better!


10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
Thanks for all who helped! Omlet is now getting better,hopefully. Yesterday she was awful,with blood and snot coming out of her nose,constant head shaking,swollen watery eyes,and no energy. Today,she is on the road back to recovery. She now is able to walk,eat,and drink on her own. She is doing better,but still has low energy. Also I noticed greenish,yellow poop. Very large,but not runny. Also have saw the same symptoms with 3 other chickens,but they seem to be doing fine,just runny noses. I went to PBS Animal Health,and purchased Tylan,for an expensive $46! My husband was not very happy,but he got over,and hes glad to see Omlet getting better.
For those not knowing who Omlet is,lets just say she is a very special chicken,my favorite to be exact,and our first. She is 6 months old. (I can't remember the breed lol! Will post when I remember!) She is everyone's favorite chicken,and loves everyone.

Thanks again for all the help! You know who you are!


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