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first off i will post pics after work but wanted to get this posted first.

i have just bought 6 "aruacana" chicks
i was told they all were hatched from blue eggs and that their father was an aruacana as well

my question is this only one of them seems to be rumpless is this right i know that they dont reproduce true allways i am just wondering if the tail is one of the things that can come out.

any info at all on breeding these birds would be greatly appreciated, i am new to chickens in the last year and new to aruacanas in the last 2 weeks. this is a breed that i would like to keep breeding on partly due to the difficulty in breeding true to standard. i like a challenge.

as i said i will post pics as soon as i get a chance but it probably wont be until this evening.

Do a search here in the forum. You will find MANY posts on the subject

If you have at least one rumpless, then they are at least part Araucana
I should think

Do show some pics. And yes.... tails do commonly pop up.
Rumplessness increases fertility problems, so keeping breeder birds with tails is common. Can't be shown, but increases the number of offspring, including rumpless ones, as long as one parent is rumpless.

Similarly, non-tufted birds are also used, however, in their case, a double dose of the tufted gene is lethal.
I had four aruacana's - only one is rumpless, and only one has tufts. (and not the same one!)

Good luck with breeding, I've heard its difficult, but should be a nice challenge!
i'm not an expert, but i've researched it.. i have what were sold to me as arcaunas... they are hybrids... they have the muffs and the beards... i love them reguardless.. and i wanted the blue eggs, not the breed...
the problem is... i bought them as arcaunas, as did a lot of other people... from the feed store here.. if i had not heavily researched the breed, i wouldn't know any better and would them sell my chicks as arcaunas....
i've seen an add for chicks here in town as purebred arcaunas, and you know what, they look exactly like my hybrids....
so unfortunatley even if the parents were stated as arcaunas, unless the breeder has a few generations under their belts and no other roos around, i wouldn't bet on true arcaunas....
but yeah.. what they said about the rumps is true... they will sometimes have them...
and at that point, the question for you is did you want the breed, or did you want fun eggs?
That is my understanding. We only have two, but they are supposed to be pure bred but the tails do not meet American Standard. I think they are acceptable in Europe.

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