On day 18 what to do?


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Hi, I was reading throuh the forum and saw where people were putting their eggs in egg flats on day 18 to hatch, is that better than putting the eggs directly on the screen? Is there much of a difference? (obvious newbie here..lol..) Thanks everyone for any help
I put my last hatch in crats to hatch. It turned out OK. It was the first hatch I had with my own eggs though. I have shipped eggs hatching this weekend. I am planning on putting them in crats too. Then I will get a better look at how it affects them. I think it might be less traumatic on the other chickies.
I've only done one hatch. I started mine in an egg carton and kept them there until they hatched. It kept the eggs from banging around when the chicks started pipping and zipping.
I have done both.

I did not see an increase in % hatch. I did see the chicks zipping and kicking out of the egg shells easier. The incubator was a lot less messy.

On the downside, I had more holes (cups) then eggs, and two chicks 'rested' in empty holes with a leg hanging over the edge. We have had to rubberband hobble their legs together. They are walking better, but the leg seems to be 'sprung' at the hip.

Also, one of the cartons wicked water up from the tray below. I don't know if it made any difference, the eggs hatched but I did remove them from the carton.

If we do it again, there will be no extra holes.

We are going to discuss whether we do the egg carton thing again. I am leaning towards not. I have to clean the incubator anyway. And the chicks with the hurt legs makes me sad. Hopefully they will recover.
Oh, I`m so sorry about the chick with the bad legs, from crates ha...I know years (and years..lol..) ago we just put the eggs on the screen but I thought maybe a better idea had come along. Thank ya`ll so much I`ll probably just do that.
That's what I did too!
Had no problems and easy clean up, too.
Also, you'll want to set up a way to add water to your bator without having to open it...if you haven't already.
Good luck,
Depends on the incubator. I have Hovabator Genesis 1588. I ran some airline tube, like for a fish tank, throught the little gap for the turner cord, after I took the turner out. Then I could add water with a 3cc syringe- without the needle. As it turned out, I didn't need to. The humidity stayed steady at 62% when the turner came out and I put water in the second tray area.

Some folks run a straw or tube throught one of the vents. Whatever is easiest!
For the LG bators I have I use a meat injector through one of the small holes.
I have hatched both ways on the wire and in the carton. I like the carton method b/c I have a turner that they are in till day 18. I figure that they have been use to being up right and have started to settle in place that way so why not keep them that way.

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