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10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Cortland New York
I got 2-4 hens laying, they are all laying in the back corner of the coop and not in the nest boxes. Ok, I can deal with that, but twice now i have found eggs buried in the shavings.

Is it normal for them to bury the eggs in the shavings especially if they are all using the same spot? Are they just moving the eggs around to get them out fo the way?
Did you try putting golf balls in their nesting box? It worked pretty good for me and I am still leaving them there, so they know where to lay and not try to peck the eggs and eat them. I am sure they have pecked at the ball with no success so I haven't had an eaten egg for a while. Hope this helps somewhat.
I don't know about the burying of the eggs. I have found a few not in the nesting box that were there a while.
It's pretty common for them to cover eggs in a nest. They do this when they lay out in the wild, to hide their nest.

Are your nest boxes mobile or fixed? If mobile, just move them back into that corner, make it as inviting as you can and see if they continue to utilize that spot.

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