Once a timid hen, now my best friend.


8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Poplar Bluff, Mo
I have 4 Bronze hens. They will all come up to you at feeding or even at a visit, yet if ya try to pet them they take off running. Over the past few days one hen, the smallest of them all has been drooping her wings, and when I go into the run to feed them and the chickens, she will come in front of me and shake and squat to the ground tripping me. I was mowing the lawn beside the coup today and she came up to the wire and squated to the ground, shaking and I looked at her head and her eyes were half closed and fluttering. Question is, should I take her now for winter feasts due to her droopy wings and seemingly out of focus eyes, or is she like just being a turkey? She still has a couple of months before she is at her prime for the "Bird Jungle Gym, and Sauna." If ya know what i mean. Thanks for any replies.
She's letting you know she thinks you're worthy of mating her (if they imprint on you as poults, they think you are a legitimate member of the flock).

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