Once Upon a Horse Stall

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  1. I'm new and enjoying the coop pics tremendously- thank you!

    We're building too, a horse stall conversion. It's presented some challenges, but the inside is 3/4 done and we're waiting for better Nova Scotia weather to piant and to construct a run.


    Hubby is the builder in this family!

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  2. justusnak

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    Ohhh, very pretty kitties! Several have converted horse stalls into coops. Cant waite to see the finished product!
  3. Texas Fluffy Feet

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    Feb 20, 2008
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    Wow that is looking great. There is alot of hard work and love going into that coop. I'm sure your future tenants will love it!
  4. The big issue now is waiting for the ground to thaw- we want a covered run that is predator proof. The earth is sandy loam, very good for chicks, and we can bring lots of plants to them. Free-range is not possible because of numerous predators and because the laws are changing, and if they become ultra-strict we want our flock to pass muster. I wonder if you can teach them to march and salute?????[​IMG]

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