One Aggressive Bird


Oct 17, 2020
Hi I'm having a problem with one of my quail. They're now 4.5 weeks old. There are 11 all together. There seem to be 3 males and they're just trying to learn their calls etc and how to mount the females - had some very funny incidents so far!!!! There's one who looks like a female from what I can tell from the vent. She just runs around chasing everyone and pecking them all day she pecks on and picks onew every one regardless of whether they're male or female . The whole flock are anxious and running away all the time or trying to fly away. I've put her in a separate cage with food and water - everyone else has settled down loads now will it be OK? They're in an indoor 5' × 3' run with a cage until they're outdoor coop is ready.

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