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One chick so different from the others...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Birdydeb, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. In my second batch of chicks from TSC one chick is just so different from the others. This batch is at the two week mark. And I realize anything can happen when you get chicks from TSC. They were supposedly 4 ISA Brown (as they called them) pullets and 2 RIR (or Production Reds) straight run. They absolutely appear to be what they are supposed to be including the pullets. But....I have one little RIR that is either an over achiever in the feather department or a runt...or something. Bantam? She was pretty much the same size as the others when I brought them home though I did think it a bit strange that she had completely feathered wings that she flapped a lot. Now at the supposed 2 week mark for the chicks, the others are now starting tiny little tails but she has a full tail about an inch tail. She has feathers coming I all over the place, back, shoulders and a few at the top of her legs....but...they are shooting up in height and are now a good 1/2 inch to inch taller. It is the funniest thing to look in the brooder and see 5 chicks with wings, a bit of tail stub and fuzzy butts and see her walk around with so many feathers. At first I thought runt. I had a runt in the first batch of RIR that finally caught up with the others. Could this one be a bantam? Stunted? Doesn't matter to me as she is also the one I saved from constipation which makes her special to me. She does look like a tiny version of the RIR. I have taken a few pics but not sure from the pic if you can see the huge difference in their appearances.

  2. Mine have all grown at different rates and it worried me at first....but I realized they are all so different...feathering out differently, bigger, smaller....and they still are that way....who knows....your one may be slightly older...so interesting to watch...
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