One chick with spraddle leg, one with turned in toes. Help appreciated!

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    Man, this has been a tough hatch for my first time. Started of with 7 fertile eggs, 5 started to hatch, 1 died after hatching, 1 died before it hatched, and now 2 chicks have leg issues. That little runt easter egger is fine.

    Chick #1. Was running around fine both in the incubator and now in the brooder, it appears to have spraddled one leg. I noticed that it had pushed all of the shavings aside in one corner and was sitting on the bare plastic. I've added more shavings but it can't walk, looks like the left leg wants to lean farther forward or to the left. I pick the chick up and it moves both legs ass if nothing is wrong. It just can't seem to pull it up under it.
    Should I try the teacup method or use a band aid? This chick is very young and not even dry yet, but was running around fine until this incident.

    Chick#2. Walking around but left toes are curled under/inward. Right foot is fine.

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