One chicken getting picked on


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
My bantams are now about 2 months old.
Suddenly my Brahma bantam is tormenting my easter egger. She will chase her aroud and try to pluck out her feathers .Peck at her. She even jumps up on the roost and my Brahma will go right after her.
There are 5 chickens total and she is the only one that gets picked on.

My Brahma has been very stand offish since she was hatched . screamed when i tried to hold her. Just all around wanted to be left alone .

This bullying is sudden.
They are still inside with me. As they are not ready to mix with my flock. They have plenty of room. I also let them out to run Around

Any idea why the sudden behavior..she is not a roo so i know its not that

They need outside space is my guess a place where one can get away from an aggressor. I also hear it helpful to take away the agressor for solitary confinement but most important a place for the tormented to get away or keep out of the bullys way.

Easter eggers tend to be sweet and non aggressive making her a easy target to take out frustrations on.

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