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    Jan 3, 2017
    Three and a half years ago, we bought two Barred Rock chicks. They lived in a coop outside, were very healthy. In October, one of them died (don't know why). Now we have one chicken, and can't get any more. Child who takes care of them is going to college, and we can't manage new ones.

    The remaining chicken is healthy, lays 3-5 eggs each week, and behaves much as she always did. But I'm worried that she's lonely. A nearby friend has some hens, and has offered to take her.

    I love the chicken (and her eggs) and don't want her to go away, but wonder if it would be better for her. She's always been pretty crabby and I'm afraid she won't like the other chickens (or they won't like her). She's never been around any other chickens except the one that died. Would a new home be a strain on the old girl, or would it be better for her?
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    [​IMG] Chickens are flock creatures and generally prefer the company of others. That being said, I would be reluctant to take a 3.5 year old hen out of the only home she has ever known and put her through the struggle of orienting into a new flock. Let her spend her final time where she is comfortable. Unless that is we can encourage you to get more birds. [​IMG]
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    Chickens hate change and bond with a territory. If she seems happy and okay I would keep her. Being relocated to a foreign coop and flock will be really stressful. She will probably be bottom bird and could take a few months before she's part of the flock.
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    If you cannot take care of her, I'd give her to your friend...
    ...IF they understand the situation, knows how to care for an older bird, and knows how to integrate single bird.

    If you can still care for her, she may be fine on her own.
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