One chick's feathers are coming in different


6 Years
Apr 3, 2017
I have 8 Buff Orpington chicks that are all supposed to be pullets and I have one that isn't getting it's feathers in like the others and is smaller. It has a bit bigger comb than the others too if that makes a difference. I was wondering if this was something to be really concerned about or if it's somewhat typical. I haven't noticed any of the others picking on it and no real bald spots. The chick in question is the one in the corner of the photos.


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I was wondering if it was a little roo, but worried that it's feathers seem a little more sporadic than the others. Is that more common with roos?
It looks like he's feathering in slower than the rest. I can't remember if the boys feather slower with BO specifically it could just be an individual thing. he looks healthy. :) and scared of the camera lol
Yes he is very camera shy unlike two of his sisters who are so curious about everything I do that I had a hard time getting a good shot of him. Thank you for your responses. I worry about my little guys so this site helps a lot!!

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