One Cornish Cross chick is smaller and is starting to have splayed legs - 2 wks old today


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May 31, 2011

Of the 25 cornish crosses that I got this year (first time with meat birds), one of them is half-sized at 2 wks old and had legs slightly splayed out. This one walked and moved normally, but has always be a "sit around chick", not as active as the others. I assumed there was something wrong and it'll die soon ...but no, other than size, it appears healthy. Then today I noticed that its legs are starting to splay out. I can run around, but the legs stick out at 45 degrees (or a little less) to each side. Now I wonder if it's small because movement was difficult afterall, that its not getting enough food and water? Don't know? Any chance it could be a cornish game hen rather than a cornish cross? I think I'll cut a bandaid in two and tape up the legs as per usual for splayed-leg chicks, but I wonder what to do about this chick? Let it grow? Assume something's wrong and kill it now? Seems mean, but all of those chickens are going to be slaughtered at 6 weeks (half of them) and 7 weeks (the rest of them)... Anyone have comments on this strange little chick???

Normal for bad legged CX birds.. give it another 2 weeks and it will be completely crippled.

At that age-0- you have what they call a Cornish game hen-- butcher it and enjoy it... Gives me a good reason to start killing them at 4 weeks old around here.!

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