One dead bantam, one sick!


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May 12, 2012
I went out to check on the flock today and found that one of my bantams was dead! ;( and the other bantam is very limp,just sitting with its eyes closed, and he was a little too cool to the touch. It only got down to 50 degrees last night (I live in coastal Georgia). I took him and put him in an empty rabbit hutch with a heat lamp on him. I checked on him an hour later and he had obviously warmed up under the lamp and he is keeping his eyes open more. What should I do to help him? What's wrong? Are the others in danger? I've got a mixed flock, these two are the smallest. Thanks for any help
You might want to take him to the vets if it kills that quickly. Otherwise completly clean out their hutch and equiptment with bleach and dry off before returning it to them. Check that you don't spread it to the other bantams (wash your hands and change footware etc.) between caring for them and keep an eye on him since they can get better and go strutting their stuff making you think oh, he's fine now and next thing you know he's worse than before.
I once randomly had two die on me, one after the other, with no apparent reason or symptoms 24 hours apart but once I cleaned out the hutch everyone else was a fine. You also may want to concider giving him apple cigar vinegar 0.5% / 5ml per litre mixture to try and pick him up a bit.

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