One dead Buff, one sick one--help?

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6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
I just had a Buff die on Sunday. I didn't see any symptoms or strange behaviors. But now I've got a second Buff who appears to be sick. She's probably 16-20 weeks old, and very lethargic for the past two days. She's puffed up with her head kind of pulled in, so she looks more like a football than a chicken.

She's been eating fine, and drinking as well. She had some watery diarrhea this morning. Mostly she stands in one place and closes her eyes, as if she's too tired to contemplate going elsewhere. My son said she was in the coop tonight, but she didn't go up to roost. She does still move around a bit though, coming to see me when I approach the coop.

We've only had chickens since the middle of July, so we're very new at this. We've got three buffs, 2 wyandottes, and 2 BRs. The others seem fine, though they are older/bigger than the sick buff. They're housed in a raised coop my husband built with shavings on the floor and in the boxes. The other thing I should mention is that we recently changed their feed to laying feed as we expect them to start laying soon. We also feed them kitchen scraps (carrot and apple peelings, celery tops, peach skins).

Anyone have any ideas? I would hate for some disease to spread to the others.
I think the first thing I would do is treat with Corrid or some sulfadimethoxine. You can find it at tractor supply , maybe some feed stores. That would be the most common thing.
Check your feed for mold or bad smell.

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