One dead Roo, other with possible dry pox?


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Nov 17, 2020
Hello all,

I just lost one of two roosters yesterday to unknown causes. He had been receiving treatment for internal parasites, but was showing signs of a recovery and still maintaining normal behavior. After finding him dead though, his nose drained a bit of greenish fluid, so wondering if could have been an impacted crop? He did have a bit of a bump where he crop is, but had been normal for him since youth, although both Roos are only 6 months old.
The other rooster seems to be acting fine and eating, drinking normally, feisty as ever. However I noticed a couple small black spots on his comb, with what seems to be a sort of powdery dust. One of the bald patches on his check also looks white-ish but had just assumed it was dry skin. Was curious if this could be early dry pox? Will attach a picture for reference.

Thank you!

Usually dry pox will start out as little white-ish bumps that almost appear like warts, and then they'll have little black scabs on em, dry pox isn't particularly dangerous, my entire flock was infected and everybody pulled through, the worst that happened was one of our pullets had some pox on her eye and it got infected, but with treatment she was all good, this doesn't look like dry pox though, maybe there was fighting? I'm very sorry for the loss of your rooster, I'm not sure what could've happened, I just know about dry pox from my flock having it.
Thank you for the reassurance, I feel a lot better about that now. I appreciate your thoughts!

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