One Dozen Zebra Eggs


13 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
My zebras are laying really well now and I've gotten great hatches from these. incubation period on these is 569.83

Edit: Oh wait I forgot to mention, these will be sexlinked. Males will be white with black stripes and females will be black with white stripes.

I am also working on a meat hybrid cross between elephants and rhinos, these will be available soon when they start laying.
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man...I thought this was real? I went right on it and had to laugh at what a butt head I am. I thought hold cow I never heard of these but then I saw your name had "rare" in it so I thought why not?
What are you talking about? They are real !!! Lots of people sell zebra eggs, so they're not really rare.
hahaha can you see the thumb and pointer finger in the chape of an L on my forhead?? Thast what I feel like for getting suckered in to this one :)

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