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    Aug 6, 2009
    I started with 8 hens five years ago and have lost them individually over this time period from illness, internal laying and one bad incident where a coyote came up to my coop from the woods in daylight when my back was turned and grabbed my little Daisy.

    Today I lost Kit Kat.

    Elvie, my last australorp is in the coop alone.

    I have always spent time with the girls during the day holding them, giving them treats and walking with them as they scratched in the grass and will continue to do so with Elvie.

    My questions are, do you think Elvie will be too lonely with no other hens or should I try to find an sweet, older hen for a companion?
    If so, should I try to find another australorp? And any ideas on where would I find an older hen?
    I am worried that a new companion may be mean to Elvie. I don't want to stress her out anymore than she is from losing Kit Kat.

    I do not want to start with new chicks, at least for a while. Losing them over these last 5 years have been too hard for me because I get way too attached to them.

    If I brought her into the house, how big of a cage would she need to be comfortable living in?
    I have house cats and not sure if they would upset her since she has never been around them.

    I want to do what is best for Elvie and I am not sure which direction to go here.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank-you in advance.
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    Oct 29, 2014
    Sorry for your loss Stewie's mom
    Hens are social animals, they don't like to be alone and they prefer the company of other hens, on the other hand if you get another hen for her company this is a temporary solution as it is unlikely they will die together and one of them will be left alone and you will be back to square one.
    If I was you I will get 7 POL hens if you can get them and start again, I think the best thing to do is whenever you lose a hen replace it as soon as possible, that is how you treat your grief of losing hens.
    The other thing is don't give them names, so you will be less attached to them but still you enjoy their company.
    You only lost one hen to predators in 5 years.
    Count your blessings

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