One hen of my three turns on smallest hen


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
I only have three hens. When I put them out in the electronet fencing, the largest hen started picking on the smallest hen. There is a significant difference in size. They are all nearing about 2 years old and probably full growth now.

The largest got sick this winter and has recovered. Now it's bullying the smallest hen. I think it would kill it. So I separated the bully hen into the porch of the portable coop. The other two can roam the electronet fenced area and go in and out of the other side of the coop for eating, drinking and laying purposes. So the bully hen is not only not laying but I swear I heard it today try and crow. Is there a way to reverse this trend? Is this hen all of a sudden trying to become a rooster. Is there a way to get this hen to become a hen again. Some natural hormone perhaps? I think a hormone might make it less aggressive.


8 Years
Apr 15, 2011
Sabine Parish, La
I've actually heard of that. It has something to do with there not being a rooster in the flock. I'm not sure if it's reversible or not tho. you may do a search in the search bar for something along the lines of "hen acting like

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