one in my flock is getting pecked and has blood and no tail feathers

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    Mar 7, 2016

    we are new to chickens. i built a 4x8 coop and made a 10x10 run for the chickens. I bought 6 one year old " dorking" hens from a local organic farmer. Right from the start i noticed one of the hens had less tail feathers. the birds look healthy from what i can see and a couple of neighbours said the same thing. I was watching the hens today and noticed two chickens pecking the tail feather to the point it is red and a little bloody. even the hurt hen was pecking her tail. I Took the hen away from the rest of the flock and put her in a large dog crate i have with straw and food and water. I don;t know what else to do now? how long do i keep her away form the rest of the flock ? anything i should do for her?

    on another not they have been in there coop for about a week and a half. i get 1 egg a day sometimes two. just wondering if that is normal? i figured they need a week or two to get used to the new home.
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    Do you have blue kote?

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