One leg paralysed and hen can't stand up nor walk! Please help!


Jul 13, 2020
She isnt isolated now. She walks normaly but limps. When recently a young hen attacked her she was fighting back so hard that she cut young hens wattles. She even goes on the highest roost to sleep but i put her in the nest because i dont want her to fall off midnight and hurt herself.


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May 31, 2018
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I massaged and moved both her legs like she was walking. When i tickled the foorpad of the paralysed leg it started twitching. I tried to make her walk supporting her and moving the paralysed leg and she even made some steps but after few of them she gave up and started falling on the ground. Then in the nest she stood on healthy leg for a moment by all herself
That's good news. Could have been a badly pinched nerve since the massage, & physical therapy helped abit.


Nov 11, 2020
She is walking! Maybe not walking but she tries to jump on her healthy leg and even moves her "paralised" one a bit, i think she uses it as a crutches. She even tries to run away from me and to catch her i need to grab her tail. She's still isolated, only sleeps with other hens in a nest.
My chickens that passed (3 birds within weeks) started out like u said. Favoring the one leg. Then it got to point they wouldn’t stand up at all they’d just lay there like they would when laying an egg.. then became lethargic werent really even eating nor drinking that well then boom gone!! I’ve seen a couple other people on here suffering from similar situation as us. Hope you find some answers!


May 30, 2020
You unfortunately can not diagnose Marek’s Disease (MDV) online or by symptoms alone. There is also another disease that can mimic Marek’s Disease and it is called Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV). Both ALV and MDV symptoms can act out the exact same. Best way to know would be to get testing done on a bird that has passed away from the conditions. If it turns out to be MDV over ALV, then I suggest vaccinating any new birds that you choose to get. Unfortunately ALV does not have a vaccine available. Birds infected with ALV can ‘recover’ but be lifetime carriers of the virus, easily spreading it to a non-infected bird. The ALV virus can also be passed from the infected parents to the offspring, making any chicks that hatch, already infected with the virus, causing stunted growth, failure to thrive and painful internal tumors to form.

You can get testing done at your government extension, or if you’re in the US, you can contact your State of Agriculture veterinarian and ask about getting testing done on a deceased bird. There are also online laboratories that you can order testing kits from such as Research Associates Laboratory (RAL) or Zoologix.


Aug 17, 2020
I had this happen to a Guinea fowl once, I dont think it's the same thing because mine was more of a physical thing because my neighbors kid grabbed him by the leg but he wouldn't walk, one day he started using his wing to hold him up but then he stopped eating and drinking so we put him down so he wouldn't starve to death

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