One legged chicken


May 5, 2019
Eastern WA
So a few of you know the back story to how one of my hens became one legged. For everyone else- 10 days ago my rooster was shot and she was accidentally hit via thigh.
My question is, How long can a chicken live with one leg?
I'm almost 100% certain that leg is now paralyzed. She cannot grasp her toes, lower the leg, ect. The tips of the toes seem to be turning a bit black too
Is doesn't stop her from getting around. The only thing that it prohibits is her roosting on a pole. She did attempt to a few nights ago but couldn't get her bum leg up on the pole without my help.
She's healing up nicely, no infection, other hens are almost looking out for her as well
We were going to cull that night but decided to let her live. I'm very surprised she's come this far and pretty much a normal chicken
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