One Legged Hen?

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Can a hen survive with one leg? I hatched out a Coro Sussex three weeks ago. She was fine for about three days, so I don't think she was born malformed, but it appears she broke or dislocated one leg. It sticks straight out to the side and she has no ability to move it or the toes, though it does seem to help with her balance. She appears to be in no pain and, of course, is the friendliest of the bunch. She hops around fine on the other leg- eats, drinks, pecks and preens right along with the others. I have a soft spot for disabled creatures and would keep her (obviously never breeding her) if she were able to have a good quality of life. All our chickens are pets, even those we breed. Has anyone ever seen an adult chicken with the use of just one leg? Do you think that as she becomes heavier, the stress on that leg would become too great? Any opinions would be helpful,
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    Yes, they may survive with one leg. However, you'll have to watch your other chickens to see if they start picking on her...instinct, survival of the fittest, as not to attract predators. It may or may not happen. Weight can be an issue and it could possibly cause her to lose use of the good leg in time. I had it happen to a Black Star about 4 years ago. I seperated her due to picking and had her own pen. I put her in a cage in the garage at night. She laid her eggs under a bush in the pen. She lasted almost a year before her good leg finally gave out, it was too much for her. I had to cull her.

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