One lone egg left in the pip. Set the 13th...


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Everything else has hatched or quit save this one last egg. I have 6 babies but one has a bum leg and likely wont make it too long

Last time I candled this egg before lockdown it had visable blood veins around the rim of the air cell and looked to be on track with a live chick. No pip yet but it was shaking yesterday I think. I set these eggs on the 13th.... If it shook yesterday, it should pip soon right?

How long do I wait? Can I help it or check on it somehow without injuring it before it is too late? I sure wish it would at least pip so I can help it if needed if its dry or something. Are we running out of time? Getting anxious....
Give it a few more days. There are posts here that have lone eggs hatching on day 25 and 26.....I have 25 eggs that were set on the 13th too and so far I have 7 chicks, with a couple of pips..but I plan on giving them at least until Sunday.
I know it's hard not to scoop them all up and love on 'em, but the good thing is that they will be OK in the incubator for a day or so then you can add them to the brooder....then add one, and another one....

For a Red or White one !!

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