one lonely chick...what would you do?


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I hatched 9 chicks on Monday. I had made a deal with a friend that I would trade her 2 chicks for some garden plants. She has six 8 week old chicks already in an outdoor coop. So this morning I decided to give her 3 chicks. I put them in a box and her daughter (E) who is one of my dearest friends came to pick them up. When she got to her mothers house mom wasnt home and E who knows nothing at all about chickens tried putting the one week old babies into the coop with the big chicks. she quickly realized that was not a good idea so she took the babies out and put them back in the box and then put the heat lamp over the box. didnt know to check the temp. box was way too hot, two chicks died almost right away. she texts me, describes what happened and i tell her to remove the light. last chick is still alive and seems ok. but now it is all alone and will be alone for at least 4-5 weeks before it can go outside with the older chicks. So should i give her another chick? then i am down 4 when i had only planned on giving two in the first place. WWYD? I know it was just an ignorant mistake and wont happen again cause my friend knows how to care for the babies. can a chick die of loneliness?
Feed stores only sell six at a time. I am leaning towards just giving her another one. I am just so sad over the sensless death.
If you're CERTAIN that something like this wouldn't happen again, I'd donate another chick. Or as getrdone suggested, take the single back and raise them to a safer age, and THEN give two to the person...

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