one of my 24 hens is laying in an inaccessible place

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    May 9, 2011
    Ive recently (in the last 2 mo) started letting my flock of 25 (all hens one roo) completely free range my very large property (and endless woods behind my house). One of my americaunas (olive egger) started to lay under our woodshed in an extremely exTREMELY tight space (I had to have my 3 yr old fetch them out with sticks). I don't want to punish the whole flock for ONE hen (she's my only gal that lays olive eggs). It's on an extremely hard spot to block and I don't know which of my americaunas (EE...whatev. lol) is laying them there but I want it to stop! lol. Also do any of you not feed or minimally feed your flock and make them forage? I have a coworker that doesn't feed her hens at all. They forage and free range 100%. I'm going through $$$$ on organic feed, kelp, flax and would love tips. First and foremost every egg is precious. Until I had to shove my 30 lb 3 yr old (who was excitedly cooperating) Into a ridiculously small space only to ditch the eggs, boo. Would love feedback. Thanks from mild Southern OR.
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    If it is a gap under the shed try putting a layer of chicken wire from the bottom of the shed to the ground in hopes of keeping her out. Some people can get away with allowing their chickens to be 100% foraging but that can be hard on them nutritionally depending on plants and bug count of your land. Also I don't use organic feed. Not saying its a bad thing but in my opinion it's not worth the money.
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    Mine were laying under the chicken coop. We found 17 eggs under there. I killed me to trash them. But it was summer and we had no clue how long they had been there. Even after we blocked it off they found a way in. They would lay them all in a big circle l I'll keep a nest. Finally we blocked it off good. Bums me out. I thought t hey could use the extra space. But after a few days of meal ok by my kids crawl under the coop we were done. Lol
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    If it's a tight space it should be easy to block.....maybe pile some bricks there?
    Can you post a pic?
    Maybe someone will have an idea you haven't thought of.
  5. kocho

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    Apr 20, 2014
    A pic is a great idea.

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